TN Correspondent [1]

Rush Township Police and surrounding fire police units were called to the Hometown area to deal with a 5-to-10 mile traffic jam late Friday afternoon.

Very heavy traffic on SR-54 east was backed up all the way to I-81 due to distant road construction on I-81 and a State Police detour that encouraged drivers to turn off at Hometown and re-enter I-81 northbound at the Arthur Gardner Highway just before Hazleton.

A heavy volume of weekend traffic, which included Pocono race-goers, contributed to the road congestion. Traffic on 309 south was backed up past Wal-Mart for miles. Other roads in Hometown were also packed with heavy traffic as drivers tried to avoid the intersection. Fire Police units controlled these roads as well.

A large National Guard 18-vehicle convoy returning from Virginia and heading towards Wilkes-Barre was also diverted onto SR-54 east into Hometown as one of its trucks experienced a problem.

About 10 Hometown and Quakake Fire Police volunteers responded to help the Rush Township Police direct traffic until traffic was moving regularly.