Two teens were cited by Tamaqua police for underage drinking Wednesday morning.

Sgt. Richard Weaver was on patrol at 12:35 a.m. when he observed a white Jeep parked in the area of the water tank in the borough's North Ward. Three people were inside the Jeep, while beer cans, a cigarette pack, cellophane and other papers were scattered just outside the Jeep's doors. A blue knapsack about 10 feet away contained several cold cans of beer and ice packs. An odor of alcohol emanated from the vehicle.

All three occupants were taken into custody and given portable breath tests. The driver, Scott M. Filce, 19, of 15 Hilltop Rd., Barnesville, had a blood alcohol content of .013 percent, while Devin Maureen Bodman, 19, of 224 W. Cottage Ave., Tamaqua, also tested positive with a .023 BAC. The other passenger, Kristen T. Behr, 19, of Tamaqua, didn't have a positive BAC.

Filce was cited for underage drinking and littering, while Bodman was cited for underage drinking.