The SHINE After-School program ran two summer camps at Lehigh Carbon Community College's Morgan Center in Tamaqua. One camp was held the week of July 12-16 for students in kindergarten through second grade, and the other the week of July 19-21 for students in grades 3-5. The theme of this year's camps was Healthy Minds and Healthy Bodies. At the camp, physical education is just as important as studying math and reading. Above, Jeff and Melissa Veauvais have students run through some basketball drills to sharpen their bodies while working on their minds. Left, Chef Joe Weickel shows students how to whip together some marshmallows for his friend-inspired recipe, "Kolby's Krispy Star on a Stick." Chef Joe, or Uncle Joe as the kids at SHINE camp call him, helps students with some math skills, specifically measurements, while entertaining them with fun recipes. Camp participants made a variety of foods even made their own salsa and quesadillas.