A blood drive was held in honor of Dylan Krum at St. Matthews Church in Franklin township on Saturday. According to Dylan's Aunt Linda Muffley, Saturday's blood drive is the first in what will become an annual event.

After a quick onset and a hard battle, Krum, 15, succumbed to cancer earlier in the month. The purpose of the blood drive, which is being conducted through Miller-Keystone, is to refurbish the blood stock used by Krum during his treatment.

"Before we went through this ordeal, I had no idea how much blood and blood products a cancer patient needs. It is a huge amount," said Muffley.

"Blood is a precious commodity; blood banks are always under-supplied. We're doing this drive now because the summer is the worst time. People are more active so there are more accidents so more people need blood," said Muffley. "On top of that, most donations are given through high schools and colleges which are out of session right now."

The family views the blood drive as a way to honor Dylan's memory and begin working through the pain of their loss.

"Dylan was such a good, caring boy. He'd want us to do this, do something positive that benefits people," said Muffley.

The blood drive exceeded its goal of 50 people. Muffley said that next year she hopes to at least double that goal.

"Next year is going to be bigger and better."