A well-known farmer in Mahoning Township died yesterday while working in his barn.

Carl E. Troxell, 81, of Troxell's Hill Road, was pronounced dead on arrival at the Gnaden Huetten Campus of Blue Mountain Health System in Lehighton yesterday morning.

Initially it was believed that Troxell died as a result of an incident involving one of his cows.

Carbon County Coroner Bruce A. Nalesnik said Troxell died of natural causes, and was emphatic that the cow was not involved in the death.

Troxell, a second-generation farmer, has owned and operated a dairy farm for nearly 60 years.

Mahoning Township Chief Police Kenneth Barnes said the initial report was received at 11:45 a.m.

Barnes said police were informed of a report "of a male being run over by a cow."

He said upon arrival, it was learned that Troxell had been working in his barn.

The police chief reported, "A cow knocked him over. Initially, he stood up and then collapsed. He was transported to Lehighton Hospital by Mahoning Valley Ambulance, where he was pronounced dead at the hospital."

Nalesnik said it was further determined that the cow did not have a role in the death.

"He was just in the building with the cows," the coroner noted. "That was the extent of it. He was there, called a worker, and was sitting up. He was talking. He didn't relay that a cow did anything."

One source reported yesterday that Troxell had a hoof print on him.

"Absolutely not," Nalesnik said. "That is totally untrue."

Troxell's farm is a landmark in Carbon County. It is located off Route 443 and is one of the oldest family-owned farms in the region.

Responding to the call were Lehighton Paramedics and the Mahoning Valley Ambulance.

Troxell's full obituary appears on Page 4.