Students at East Penn Elementary School recently were recognized at an all school assembly.

Awards were presented to outstanding students.

Recipients of the Senator Argall's Good Citizenship Award were McKena Christman and Noah Sensinger.

Honored with the President's Award for Educational Excellence were, Andy Fogel, Nathaniel Lucykanish, Brandon Schnell, Devin Strohl, Lindsey Bowman, Hailie Brosky, McKena Christman, Lauren Serbel and Grace Obert.

Recipients of the President's Award for Educational Achievement were, Noah Sensinger, Collin Troxell, Haley Barlosky, Jenna Berry, Lynzi Binder, Abigail Howard, Hailee Pernsley and Samantha Smalley.

Attaining perfect attendance were, kindergarten, Aaliyah Fisher and Aaron Stout; first grade, Jocelyn Cebrosky; third grade, Gavin Sherer; and fourth grade, Hailee Pernsley.

Recipients of the Straight "A" Average award were, Hailie Brosky, Lindsey Bowman, Grace Obert and Brandon Schnell.

Artist of the Year was Hailee Pernsley.

Envirothon participants were, under the adviser of Mrs. Snyder, grade three, Science Geeks, first place, Ethan Kish, captain; Cameron Zerbe, Emily Miller, Madison DeLuca, and Jaden Scherer; Science Masters, Emily Kleintop, captain, Logan Pagotto, Jordyn Zwetolitz, Alexander Slaw and Alexander Potts.

Top spellers during the Spelling Bee were recognized. Earning first place was Lindsey Bowman. Other top spellers were Haley Barlosky, Jenna Berry, Matthew Dawson and Lauren Serbel.