A donation of four bushels of apples will make this week's food supplement from Lehighton's Trinity Food Pantry a welcome addition for needy families.

Eleanor Zern, director, said that she accepts donations from various sources and was pleased to be able to add six apples into donation bags this week for families.

"We serve 475 families last month," she said. "We have a tremendous need right now. The list is growing. There are a lot of people hurting."

Zern said that families are welcome to come to the Trinity Food Pantry in Lehighton one time a month for a bag of food staples that should last at least three days.

The Lehighton Food Pantry is open every Tuesday to distribute donations to families.

Zern said that this week's customers will also receive bread, which is also an add on that is not always available.

"We give out what ever we have," she said. "Sometimes we receive eggs that we can give out."

Zern said that the donation of four bushels of apples from Graver's Orchards in Lehighton was the third time donation.

"We here at the food pantry appreciate the donation of the apples and I know that our clients will appreciate the generous donation form Graver's Orchards today when they open their bags," she said.