Carbon County Commissioner Wayne Nothstein is urging residents to open their hearts and help the people in Haiti.

He briefly spoke about the recent 7.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti earlier this week and killed thousands of residents and left thousands homeless and without food, water and electricity.

Currently, military, governments, and rescue groups from around the world have been sending supplies and search teams to help locate the missing and care for the wounded. It is expected to take years to rebuild the city.

During the earthquake, which began only six miles underground, buildings crumbled and collapsed and the poverty stricken nation was brought to its knees. Roadways into the city of Port-au-Prince were closed by rubble blocking the lanes, leaving emergency services finding new ways to get into the area to help with the rescue efforts.

Nothstein said that anyone interested in helping the Haitian people can do so by donating to the Red Cross, which is helping the nation by releasing $10 million to go toward relief efforts.

To donate, visit [1] and click on "Donate Online" under the Haiti Relief Efforts tab in the center of the page.