Two teens operating all terrain vehicles (ATV) on borough streets in Tamaqua will be cited.

An officer was on patrol at 7:20 p.m., Jan. 8 in the vicinity of Spruce and Hunter streets when he observed a white ATV traveling west on Spruce St. at a high rate of speed, failing to stop for a red light. The officer followed, but was unable to continue the pursuit past Anthracite Avenue. The operator was identified as Troy Mamuzich, 18, of 17 S. Tamaqua Drive, West Penn Township.

Approximately one hour later the same ATV, accompanied by a second unit, was observed traveling on Market Street, turning onto Broad Street. The roadways were snow covered at the time. The ATVs were stopped, impounded and the drivers taken into custody. Mamuzich was again identified as a vehicle operator. The other ATV was being operated by a 17-year-old male from Andreas. Both teens were released into the custody of their parents.

Mamuzich faces charges of reckless driving, driving with a suspended license, a red light violation and illegally operating an ATV on a roadway. The 17-year-old will be charged with illegally operating an ATV on a roadway.