The Panther Valley Elementary School has announced the recipients of the Student of the Month Awards for September and October 2009.

Certificates of Achievement were presented in each classroom, grades 1-5. As well as the certificates, each student also received a Super Kid Magnet, a Student of the Month bumper sticker and a meal coupon from McDonald's.

Students realize that it is a very special achievement and strive to achieve this recognition.

September's Students of the Month are: Grade One: Hailey Shreffler, Jacqueline Kokinda, MacKensey Evans, Jacob Boyle, Olivia Murphy, Anthony Munoz, and Carly Heffelfinger. Grade Two: Angel Stilitino, Alex Kattner, Ethan Reis, Hailey Harvilla, Megan Pascoe, Mark Clewell, and Mason Malloy. Grade Three: Vanessa Papay, Makayla Badger, Marlene Nase, Jessica Buccilli, Trey Turner, Bradley Buzzard, and George Heffelfinger. Grade Four: Tyler Baez, Brady Whildin, Christina Dacey, Brooke Morsa, Cordell Brettle, and Maddalena Ciufo. Grade Five: Alexis Berger, Anthony Tuccillo, Kristina Matula, McKenzie Lazar, and Danielle Hudicka. Miss Forbes' room: Brian Haselden. Miss Breiner's class: Brittany Stewart.

Congratulations to October's Students of the Month: Grade One: Kourtney Pilla, Jonathan Byers, Rebecca Jones, Andrea Tizekker, Dameon Badger, Amber Schwoyer, and Emily Newton. Grade Two: Braxton Whitaker, Andrew Surotchak, Lyddia Malaska, Jessica Markovich, Claire Kokinda, Nicholas Cammareri, and Abigail Oplinger. Grade 3: Mason Goida, Jordan Bamford, Kalista Hedden , Cody Collevechio, Erica Tout, Sophia Tuccillo, and Kaitlyn Harris. Grade Four: Karen Rehatchek, Erica Baba, Lena Nalesnik, Kaytlyn Eubanks, Loudon Breiner, and Jonathan Hafer. Grade Five: Michael Hood, Patrick Byrne, Devinal Roman, Tabitha Marsh, and Jacob Snyder. Miss Forbes room: Brook Nelson.