Supervisors in Penn Forest Township came together during their regular monthly meeting on Monday evening to reorganize for the year ahead. When that work was done, little was changed from 2009 and supervisors forged ahead on the business of running the township.

Paul Montemuro will serve another term as chairman of the board. Judith Knappenberger will serve as vice-chair. Tammy Parent was again retained to serve as borough secretary and Thomas Nonovic will serve another term as township solicitor.

Scott Brown will continue to serve as sewage and water enforcement officer and Joe Steber will continue on as building and zoning officer for 2010. Hanover Engineering will continue to serve as the township engineer.

Taxes for 2010 were set as part of the reorganization meeting, which supervisor Alan Katz pointed out were not increased this year. This year, township residents will pay a 3 mill real estate tax, a $5 per capita tax, a 0.5% real estate transfer tax, which is split with the school district, a 0.5% earned income tax, also split with the school district and a 2.5% amusement tax.

As part of its normal monthly meeting, supervisors moved to adopt the House Numbering Ordinance that Steber and his team have been working on for some time. The law will make it easier for emergency rescue crews to locate victims in an emergency.

Supervisors also voted to allow certain professionals retained by the township to charge for their time when it involves work for township residents. For instance, when the solicitor or township engineer is called upon for consulting that does not result in a transaction that the township would charge for, these professionals can now charge residents for time spent.

The board also voted to release the first quarter payment to the fire companies and ambulance company. The township will pay each of the two fire companies $50,000 each this year and the Lehighton Ambulance Association $10,000. The first quarter payments were released on Monday night, which amounted to $12,500 for each fire company and $2,500 for the ambulance association.

Finally, the board agreed to send and $800 donation to the Carbon County Animal Shelter.