Expenditures at the Schuylkill County Prison were reduced by $100,000 in the past month Warden Eugene Berdanier reported to members of the county prison board at the monthly meeting held Wednesday at the courthouse in Pottsville.

The expenditures for January were $268,910.93, which included $169,.648.73 for salaries of correctional officers and staff, overtime, $13,827.58; in lieu of benefits, $280; materials and supplies, $2,660.82; groceries, $22,260.57; cleaning supplies, $1,007.50; professional services, $52,988.68; dues and conferences, $90; travel expenses, $302; other expenses, $155.976; maintenance and repairs, $352.48; maintenance agreements, $5,268.72 and copier machine, $67.88.

The revenues were $15,227, from room and board from inmates on work release, $6,192; social security, $2,400; and federal grants, $6,635.

Berdanier gave an update on the physical plant.

Repairs made to the front gate, service to the Green car cost $624.83; repairs to sinks in the kitchen; repairs made to the hot water boiler system and repairs to a back-up sewer; carbon monoxide detector installed in boiler room and water feed valve to hot water boiler replaced.

The prison population as of Wednesday was 219 males and 36 females. The high for January was 387 inmates, including 41 females.

Prime Care Medical Inc., Harrisburg, which provides health and medical services to inmates, reported in January 225 inmates were seen by a psychologist and 25 by a psychiatrist; 33 went to the dentist and seven had extractions; 101 sick calls were responded by nurses and 15 inmates were on suicide watch but no incidents.

Joseph F. Huth, work release coordinator, reported all work release beds were full throughout the month; 26 beds filled by inmates with employment; 11 inmates participated in Vocational Rehabilitation Program which completed 17 jobs in 19 working days for the month. Three days were spent providing service to 75 senior citizens referred by the Office of Senior Services plus five community service jobs and nine jobs for the county.

Commissioner Mantura Gallagher presided in the absence of President Judge William E. Baldwin, chairman, who was presiding in court. Board members present included Commissioners Francis McAndrew and Frank Staudenmeier, District Attorney James P. Goodman, Sheriff Joseph Groody and Controller Melinda Kantner.