From gloom and doom to joyful bliss.

All it takes is the comfort of one stuffed teddy bear to change the mood of a small child during an emergency.

On Tuesday, the FWC-PA Woman's Club of Slatington delivered another 23 Teddy Bears for distribution to the Slatington EMS Unit.

The FWC-PA recently created over 40 stuffed animals as part of its Blue Bear Brigade Project. Over 20 bears have also been donated to the Slatedale Fire Department as well.

The stuffed animals have quite the effect on small children in an emergency, according to Larry Lilly, assistant manager, Northern Valley EMS, also known as NOVA.

Lilly said pediatric patients receive the teddy bears while they're transported to the hospital and become upset.

"It's security for them to have something to hold onto," Lilly said. "We appreciate what they have done for us."

The teddy bears were created by cutting simple bear patterns from flannel and then stuffing and sewing them at monthly meetings, according to Carol Kern, FWC-PA Woman's Club of Slatington, Committee of Home life.