After approving the payment of all bills for January totaling $11,467.61, the directors of the Nesquehoning Borough Water Authority heard from Nesquehoning Conservation Club members, Sam Kitchko and Greg Pecha. The club passed along information on a substance that is available to patch a hole in the First Hollow Dam.

The price is $15 a bag plus delivery from Kansas which expands 11-18 percent over the area to stop the leak. The hole would have to be measured and the club would pay some money toward the job.

Secretary Denny Creitz said that Ron Tirpak, borough engineer told them to breach the hollow since no one uses it anymore. Chairman David Hawk said it would be an expense to breach and they will consult with their engineer on this. Frank Parano, vice president thanked the men for coming and said they will check with Tirpak and get his input and how much would be needed for the next meeting in March. The Conservation Club will be purchasing Willow bushes to be planted along the creek to preserve it.

Mark Lopata and Joe Canzoneri finished the DEP classes to certify them again to renew their licenses.

Under old business, member Gary Porembo said that after talking to Sue Smith, the part time office clerk, she accepted a full time position with the office and will receive a 25 cents raise in pay with all holidays. He also told Dave Hawk to invite the representative from Sen. Arlen Specter's office to attend a meeting. She would be helping the authority secure money for an upcoming project.

Tom Merman reminded the board about the metered wells and how many they don't know about. He said all wells should be metered just to see how much water is being used. "I mention this over and over again. Let's get with this. What's fair is fair."