Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic School kicked off Catholic Schools Week with an Education Fair that showcased the talents and interests of the students.

Each of the students was given the opportunity to choose a topic and follow through with a display that detailed how much they knew or learned while completing their project.

For some student, they stayed with scientific topics, such as "Five Kingdoms," which depicted the animal, fungus, protist, plant and manera kingdoms or studied how to mix blood types safely, while other students interests looked into the life of Adolf Hitler's life or wrote about their favorite book collections. There were many other topics, including "Twightlight and New Moon," "Salem Witch Trails," "Farms," "Which Cell," Sierra Jensen collection of books featuring a teen character; "It's a Gas," "Hoot," book by Carl Hiassen; "Basic Algebra," "Kinetic Friction," "Jet Propulsion," "What a Tooth," "Clouds," "Penquins," "September 11," and "Newton's Laws of Motion," "What Grows in a Rain Forest," "Galileo's Inventions," "Is Your Mouth or is Your Dog's Mouth Cleaner?" "Our Solar System," "The Ocean," "Shake, Rattle and Rolls," "Our State of Pa.," "America."

The fair was on display at the school hall for several days so that students and their families could see how talented the students were.

"I am pleased," said Sherry Ambrose, principal of the school. "The students have a variety of interests and their displays show originality."

The displays were neat and tidy, many with professional grade photographers and printing.

The Education Fair displays were only a part of the activities that marks Catholic Schools Week. On Tuesday the students enjoyed a Rosie the Riveter Program. On Wednesday, parents and grandparents were invited to have lunch with the students. On Thursday, Bishop Barres will visit for the Talent Show and to have lunch with the students. On Friday, there will be a pizza party and Dream Come True awards assembly, followed by an Aviation assembly.