Dear Editor:

The regular meeting of the Jim Thorpe Borough Council was held at Memorial Park in Memorial Hall on Thursday, Dec. 9, 2010, at 6:30 p.m. I attended the meeting. One specific agenda item was of special interest for me. "Agreement to enter into an ordinance authorization participating in PLGIT" as mentioned by John McQuire, president of Borough Council.

PLGIT means Pennsylvania Local Government Investment Trust. It was organized as an investment option for Pennsylvania local governments and school districts. Borough participation in PLGIT, once eligible, would be for credit card use by community residents allowing them the option to pay borough bills for borough such as water, utilities and etc. using their credit card.

This is my understanding of PLGIT and community credit card use, according to meeting information, the ordinance authorization for participation in PLGIT will allow community residents the option of using their credit card to pay Jim Thorpe Borough bills by credit card if they chose to do so.

Kathleen Jones

Jim Thorpe