Lauren Wall, her husband of 13 years, Jesse, and their three children, McKayla, 11, Kallia, 7, and Nicholas, 8, are not your normal Christmas decorators.

Every year since 1997, starting on Black Friday, the Wall family turns their entire Tamaqua home into an indoor Christmas wonderland.

From the outside, their house looks like your normal well decorated home. But looks can be deceiving as you enter their front door into a wall-to-wall shower of Christmas d├ęcor.

One of the first things you'll notice are seven well-decorated Christmas trees displayed prominently throughout their home.

Each child has their own 7-foot Christmas tree to decorate, including their very own yard arrangement below the tree. Lauren estimates there are more than 1,050 tree ornaments.

The family's love for Christmas also results in the seasonal transition of their living room into a Christmas tree and model display room they call the "yard."

The "yard," which has a swinging door entrance painted as a gift box, consists of a 7-foot decorated Christmas tree and a magnificent display of lighted miniature buildings that occupies the entire floor space. The display consists of more than 250 lighted miniature buildings and a Lionel train set.

"People jokingly tell me that I'm out of my mind," Lauren said. "I just enjoy the family tradition and joy of decorating for Christmas."