"New media is just about anything that isn't part of the old media: radio, TV, newspapers, or any printed material," said Jason Sander, Creative Services Director at Concur New Media.

In particular, he likes to focus on the social media-Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and MySpace.

Sander believes that marketing in this age of Aquarius requires personal intimate contact, and what better way is there than to connect with a global audience of 400 million potential "friends" at Facebook.

"If Facebook were a country, it would be the third most populated in the world," Sander noted.

Sander, a writer, will be sharing his experiences of marketing as a writer through, and to the Internet's global village, when he delivers a free presentation to the Black Diamond Writers' Network from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday, Jan. 15 at the Tamaqua Public Library, 30 S. Railroad St., Tamaqua.

Presentation organizer Kathy Ruff and Network president Sara Hodon were looking for an Internet service to assist them with a client for their fledgling business, Fresh Ink Writing Services. Since they don't do marketing, they contacted Sander.

"We spoke with Jason and his partner Conrad Flynn," Ruff said. "They were teaching a Social Media program at LCCC. We thought this would be a good way to educate our writers on what it takes to get recognition and to get connections to promote your work."

The Black Diamond Writers' Network is a group of about 35 members.

"We have writers who have written books who are trying to get them published. Some have already published books and are trying to market their books," Ruff said. "We thought this a good fit for people to promote themselves as writers."

Flynn and Jason Sander met at Penns Peak Radio where Flynn ran the station and Sander performed advertising sales. Bringing in a third partner, John Peters, to handle the operations and IT, that transformed Flynn's Concur Consulting business into Concur New Media.

They got an early boost helping Walck's 4 Wheel Drive, a Bowmanstown-based utility vehicle parts supplier, go online. The switch to the Internet coupled with going viral on the social media channels "quadrupled their sales in less than a year," Sander noted.

At LCCC in Tamaqua, Jim Thorpe-based Concur New Media teaches how to effectively use the social web to grow businesses.

"We cover blog writing, copywriting, content generation, media production, video editing, videography, audio recording-whatever is needed to put content on the page for developers to make it look pretty online," Sander said.

In the Network presentation, Sander will discuss how to find your niche in the online community – how to find the areas of writing you would like to be a part of.

"Blogging is the heart and soul of social media," said Sander.

Sander trumpets the need to be part of the online culture, a throng where writers can turn their hobby into a business.

"We're interested in people open to new ways of marketing and getting a better picture of the way the world is changing, and to get savvy on this new technology," he said. "I'm a writer who wants to help other writers find their niche and find work."

"My talk will show writers how to harness the powers of social media and the Internet," he concluded, noting. "If you are not online, you'll be left behind."

For more information about the Black Diamond Writers' Network, call Kathy Ruff at (570) 645-3059.