Veteran Lansford Borough Councilwoman Rose Mary Cannon is back.

Council on Wednesday appointed Cannon who has served at least 11 years on the board to fill the seat of former president Bob Gaughan, who resigned last month.

"I attend every meeting. There are things that I thought I could be helpful with for this year," she said after the public meeting. "It's budget time, and since I have some background, I thought it might be helpful."

Cannon, a Democrat, served on council from January 1994 until June 2000, when she resigned. In August of 2007, she was appointed to serve the time remaining on the term of Councilman Joseph Genits, who had resigned.

In a letter to council asking to be selected for the post, Cannon wrote that "I believe I would be a good choice as I would be up-to-speed on current issues facing the council."

One other person submitted an application. Borough businessman David Benevy asked council to amend the residency rules to allow him to serve on the board. Benevy lives outside the area.

"However, to the extent that these regulations are under the control of council, I would respectfully suggest that they be amended to allow persons who own property and operate businesses from these properties to serve on council," he wrote. "Alternatively, I would suggest that the definition of residency be amended to include such persons."

Benevy wrote that he is invested in the borough through his business and so is "strongly motivated to see Lansford thrive."

Gaughan, a Republican, resigned his seat on Nov. 9. He was appointed in 1993 to replace the late Paul Tichy.

In his resignation letter, Gaughan cited his long commute to work and his belief in term limits.