Visitors to the Carbon County Fair are encouraged to visit the Farmer for a Day Display. The fair will open Wednesday through Sunday.

Over the years Karen and Mark Green of Kunkletown have attended more than 50 Pennsylvania State Fairs. This, along with the fact that they farm, land sparked their interest in enhancing the Farmer for a Day Display at the fair. This interactive display provides children with an idea of what farming is all about.

Bob Silliman, president of the Carbon County Fair, noted that the Greens work diligently every year to enhance the display. He is appreciative of their volunteer efforts stating that agriculture is what our fair is about and Karen and Mark make it all come to life. The Greens spend countless hours sharing their ideas with each other and then placing their designs on paper. Some items are made from wood and then painted, while other items come directly from their farm, including corn stalks and bales of hay.

While volunteering in Farmer for a Day, the Greens are often amazed at what some young children know about growing vegetables in a garden and what they know about farm animals.

By stopping at Farmer for A Day, parents and children can learn valuable lessons in a fun and interactive way. They will then realize that food doesn't automatically appear in a grocery store or on their table.

The display has become so popular that other fairs have asked the Greens to set up the display at their events.

The Greens have a garden of their own where they plant onions, pumpkins, string beans, rhubarb, sweet corn and tomatoes. Their vegetables are always fresh and organic. They indeed live the way they teach children to do so.

Looking to the future, the Greens envision building a barn on permanent fair property. They'd like to have live animals, a small garden and an area where the children can view a video about farming so that they can learn more about food production. In the meantime, the Greens will keep visiting other fairs to see the displays of vegetables, farm animals, farm equipment and enjoy a lot of the food along the midway.

There is no charge to visit Farmer for a Day at this year's Carbon County Fair, so stop by and say hi to the Greens and their many volunteers. The fair opens Wednesday.