Monica Marshall is the new president of the Summit Hill Recreation Commission, which has probably its most demanding schedule ever.

A committee, under the auspices of the recreation commission, has been put in charge of scheduling and operating the newly-constructed community center.

It also is in the midst of planning the annual Summit Hill Stay-At-Home Festival, which occurs May 28-30.

Three bands have been booked for the festival. They are Shades of Gray on May 28, Cameltoe on May 29, and Becky and the Beasts on May 30.

Community Center

accommodates 200

The Community Center is run by a committee consisting of members of the recreation commission, the Summit Hill Community Improvement Organization (SHCIO), and the Summit Hill Fire Department.

SHCIO has donated $3,000 that was used to help purchase furniture for the center. The recreation commission and fire company each contributed $1,767.25.

Marshall said anyone wanting to book the center should call (570) 645-2305, ext. 4.

Purchased for the center were 25 tables, 200 chairs, two table carts, and two chair carts, with the total cost being $6,554.50.

Summit Hill Borough Council said it will allow alcoholic beverages to be brought to the center for special events, but it must be placed on the application for use that alcohol will be served.

Marshall said the recreation commission has discussed plans of placing a large sign on the building specifying it as the community center.

She also noted that the town clock, which had been on the former East Penn Bank, has been taken down by the bank's new owner, First Niagara. Therefore, she said a "town clock" is envisioned for the community center.

The community center is located adjacent to the fire company along West Ludlow Street. lt was constructed as part of a $3.5 million building project in the borough that consisted of a new fire station, police station and borough hall.

Stay-at-Home Festival in need of volunteers

This marks the 26th year of the Stay-at-Home Festival over Memorial Day weekend.

Marshall said volunteers and vendors are needed. Sign-up sheets for volunteers are available at Breslin's Hilltop News, Vermillion Dental Office, Summit Hill Borough office and Hiles Brothers.

Also sought are monetary donations. Appeal letters have been mailed to borough residents.

Marshall said that at last year's event, two males passed counterfeit money. She said both received probation. The commission is seeking repayment of $100.

In addition, the recreation commission has purchased special pens that will be used to detect counterfeit currency.

The midway for the festival is being provided by Jim Thorpe Amusements.

In other recreation commission news:

Ÿ Other officers recently elected besides Marshall, who is filling the presidency after Suzanne Milkowich opted not to seek re-election, are: Milkowich, vice president, and Jodi McAndrew, secretary.

Ÿ It was stressed that organizations must book the Ginder Field before using it. To utilize the field or other recreational facilities, call the aforementioned number.

Ÿ Craftin' and Cruisin' is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, July 17, at Ludlow Park. This involves an antique car show.

Ÿ It was noted that consideration is being given for a Bike Night. Commission member Cheryl Schoch will get more information.

Ÿ Six benches and four picnic tables have been ordered for the Ginder Field. In addition, the commission is looking into possibly purchasing more equipment for the field.

Ÿ Summit Hill Borough Council issued a reminder that the bleachers at Ginder Field are off-limits to spectators.