For the nearly 100 people who brought their pets to the Beaver Run Rod and Gun Club, Lehighton they can be assured that their dog or cat is vaccinated against rabies. Also 36 of the 99 animals were also given distemper inoculations.

While the temperature was chilly, the rain held off during the clinic, but no one had to be concerned about rain because the event is held under the rather large pavilion on the gun club grounds.

Dr. Betsy Squires of Forest Inn Animal Hospital was the veterinarian in charge.

Also Barbara Ahner of Lehighton Notary sold 14 dog licenses.

Beaver Run Rod and Gun Club gave the profits from the event to Carbon Animal Response Team (CART) to help them purchase pet oxygen masks for area emergency organizations.

Rob Bergstresser, deputy chief for CART, said that each set of pet oxygen masks will cost approximately $65 and will come in small, medium and large sizes. Bergstresser said that his goal is to see every fire truck and ambulance to be equipped with the masks.

"Lehighton Ambulance has 10 rigs and we would like to see each ambulance have a set of pet oxygen masks," said Bergstresser. "So the number we need is a lot, but once they have them they have them because they are not disposable and can be reused."

Bergstresser said that by having a set of oxygen masks on board all EMS vehicles, it will help save the lives of pets who are distressed by smoke inhalation.

"Oxygen will give each pet the quickest care and possibly a better outcome," he said. "EMS are usually the first responders who come across the animals."

Bergstresser also noted that since the masks come in a set with three sizes, almost every animal can benefit from the masks.