Tamaqua firefighters were called to the Tamaqua Child Care Center located at the Jamesway Plaza just before 8 a.m. this morning for a strong propane-like smell. Firefighters placed large fans to remove the odor. Citizens Fire Company Chief Tom Hartz Jr stated the strong smell wasn't from their propane tank. He pointed out that a number of roof leaks in adjacent businesses in the plaza might be to blame for the smell. Further inspection will be needed. While on scene, Hartz Jr noticed unsafe conditions in the back of the shopping plaza and stated he'll return to re-inspect it. He added, "The owner of the plaza will have to take care of these issues." Tamaqua Child Care Center employees evacuated the 12 children to a nearby empty business in the plaza while the fire department investigated the smell's source. The Day Care Center tested negative for dangerous odors and the children were allowed to return. A volunteer from the Tamaqua Volunteer provided Smokey Bear bracelets to all the children while they waited. No one was hurt. Tamaqua Fire Police was also on scene.