St. Luke's Miners Memorial Hospital, Coaldale, has presented its Sixth Annual President's Awards of Excellence.

Employees of the hospital are nominated for the award by their fellow staffers, with the nominations reviewed by a committee. Nominees are judged on the basis of service to the hospital and how they represent its core values.

"Service forms the core of what we do as a business," said Bill Crossin, president of St. Luke's Miners. "According to the formal definition, service is the focus on contributing to the welfare of others. In our hospital, we have be focused on serving our patients and their families since 2010. This year, our hospital celebrates 100 years of caring in the community.

"In addition, we serve each other as employees. Our success is measured on the basis of how well we serve our patients and each other while demonstrating our core values - pride, caring, respect, accountability, flexibility and teamwork."

This year's recipients are Anastasia Gibas, Judith Owens and Marianne Ponting.

Gibas, RN, CCRN, works in the hospital's Intensive Care Unit. She has been a Registered Nurse for 41 years, joining the nursing team at the former Coaldale State General Hospital in 1974 and was instrumental in opeing the first ICU at the hospital.

Owens, RVT, RDMS, RT (R), works in the hospital's radiology department. She has worked to improve the performance of the Ultrasound section and the vascular lab.

Ponting is an RN in the hospital's surgical serves department. She is a staff nurse who fills in for department manager Christine Marek when the latter requires a necessary day off. She assumes responsibilities of leading and directing the workforce of her department with confidence.

"The three people we are honoring as recipients of the President's Award of Excellence exemplify both service to our customers as well as service to each other," said Crossin. "Each and every day, they are focused on helping and supporting the needs of the people with whom they come in contact. They are truly advocates for the health and well-being of our patients and for the success of their fellow employees and the organization as a whole.

"I am proud and thankful that they have devoted their careers to our hospital," he added.