Pennsylvania's eastern state parks will soon offer a series of guided daytrips for outdoor adventure-seekers.

Beginning in May and continuing through October, these day trips will take place in many different parks throughout the state's eastern region. The cost per person for each program is $5, or $10 for the use of equipment such as kayaks. Some upcoming highlights among these programs include hiking the Falls Trail at Ricketts Glen State Park and French Creek State Park's Boone Trail, kayaking at Delaware Canal State Park's Giving Pond, and rock climbing at Ralph Stover State Park.

These recreational programs will give people the opportunity to learn and try new outdoor activities, visit and explore parks unfamiliar to them, and meet people from all over eastern Pennsylvania. Car pooling opportunities will be available for most trips.

To receive email updates or get more information about these programs, contact Stephanie Strub at [1] or call her at (215) 453-5015.