The most successful rabies clinic of Carbon County Friends of Animals was held Sunday with a total of 350 animals receiving a variety of services. In addition to a low cost rabies vaccination, Dr. Karen Hess of Dr. Karen's Critter Care, Allentown, offered distemper inoculations, testing for heart worm, distemper testing and testing for Lyme disease, feline leukemia/AIDS and microchipping.

"It was our busiest clinic and we had the least amount of volunteers," said Suzy Yaich, organizer. "Despite being down on volunteers everything went fairly smoothly."

Yaich said that the people coming to the clinic expressed their appreciation for the added services.

"We had such a high percentage of people giving up their animals because they could not afford veterinarian care," said Yaich. "There were quite a few people at the clinic who live in a multi-pet household, with three or four animals and they just can't afford the expense. That is why this clinic is so important."

Yaich said that Dr. Hess also took the time to give each animal a quick exam while giving inoculations, drawing blood for testing and she also answered pet owner's questions during the four hour clinic.

"We didn't end until every animals was seen," said Yaich. "It was non stop all afternoon."

Sherry White and John Haas of Lehighton were among the many multi-pet owners who brought in their animals for a rabies vaccine.

White and Hess came with their four dogs, two Huskies, Misty and Kira, plus Buddy, a Great Pyrenees, and a cockapoo, Twizzler, because of the low cost for the vaccines.

"It's really a great savings," said White. "I work from home so these guys keep me company all day. They're my best friends."