Dear Editor:

Traditionally our aesthetic creativity has origins dating back to Western European culture. Populations have been expanding at a rapid pace over the generations. Those of the Third World countries and those of the Far East are now included in the world of Modern change which does affect aesthetic values. The nature for change is a process know as humanness.

Humanness deals with expression and experience as a way of life and life's creativity. They are one and the same for everyone belonging to the human species. This is a biological fact of being human.

There is much change with resulting unrest in the world today. This is making record keeping difficult for the humanities who are the accumulated record keepers establishing history of what humankind has done with humanness throughout time. This gives rational credence to sum up concerns about risk and possibility of injustice. The sciences do not follow this process. They knowingly follow their own means and usually accept resulting consequences.

We all share the biological fact of humanness but do not participate equally in the human change as it occurs during the life we live.

Life is at it's best if lived in keeping with the values established at the time they occur.

Thank you

K. Jones

Carbon County