How does erosion work?

Are dogs right or left pawed?

How does your garden grow?

These and other fascinating questions were answered at the 2010 S.S. Palmer and Parkside Elementary Schools' Science Fair held in the gym at S.S. Palmer.

It's the time of year when future scientists conduct experiments, make reports with conclusions and shares their findings with the rest of the student body, teachers, parents and the community.

Some of the displays ranged from showing how an egg can float, how to grow crystals, the best way to store apples to showing conductivity using lemons.

One of the fascinating experiments on display was the one conducted by Nathan Goodhile, a fifth grader in Mrs. Frey's class, of the Naked Egg. Everyone was amazed at the rubbery-looking egg Nathan was holding.

Nathan had placed an egg in a jar full of vinegar and refrigerated it for a week.

The shell of the egg dissolved, leaving just a translucent membrane. It looked and felt like a rubber egg.

What happened to the inside of the naked egg?

It didn't take long to find out when one curious onlooker asked to hold it and accidentally dropped it.

The egg popped like a water balloon and the inside was just like any other ordinary raw egg.

And just as messy to clean up as any raw egg, Nathan and his mom discovered at the fair.

Hannah O'Neill, 6, a student in Mrs. Negley's a.m. Kindergarten class, conducted an experiment on "What birdseed do birds like best?"

Hannah purchased three identical bird feeders and filled one with sunflower seeds, another with safflower seeds and thistle seeds and placed them outside.

Hannah hypothesized that the safflower seeds would be the favorite. She observed visitors to the feeders and it was determined that the sunflower seeds were the most favorite, followed by the safflower then the thistle seeds.

She also made the observation that a squirrel visited the feeders and only ate the sunflower seeds.

No matter what the experiment, all those who participated learned a scientific truth through hands on experience, which is perhaps the best learning tools of all.

The other participants of the science fair were: John Appello, Maxwell Appello, Egan Bellesfield, Cassidy Beltzner, Damien Carrelli, Rosemary Crawn, Gabriel Croll, Sophia Croll, Michael Eckhart, Jr., Ian Farrell, Bree Fernandez, Carolyn Fronheiser, Alyssa George, Lila Goodhile, Shelby Gower, Skyler Graver, Daniel Howard, Elizabeth Jeker, Emma Kimmel, Julia Kupillas, Jasmine McFarland, Owen Mendes, Mikara Miller, Conner Rex, Noah Schaffer, Jarret Silvius, Bethany Thomas, Karyn Thomas, Carter Waibel, Aidan Wentz, Seth Young.