30 am. and 12:30 p.m. Motorists traveling northbound approaching the Lehigh Tunnel and southbound before the Mahoning Valley Interchange should be prepared for slow moving and stopped traffic.

State Police will stop northbound traffic south of the Lehigh Tunnel (milepost A70.1), southbound traffic north of the Mahoning Valley (Exit #74) Interchange, and motorists entering I-476 at the Interchange from Route 209 will be stopped at the toll plaza. The stoppage will allow the safe demolition of rock slope, scheduled for noon, adjacent to the Lehigh River Bridge.

The work is weather permitting and safety related. Unsafe conditions could cause the stoppage to be delayed for the protection of the traveling public and workers on the project.

Travel advisories will be posted on the project website at www.lehighbridge.com [1] and the Highway Advisory Radio (1640 am) will be activated to provide travel updates.

Motorists are urged to stay alert for slow moving traffic and use extra caution when approaching and entering construction zones and obey posted speed limits. Speed limits will be enforced and fines increased.