Chief Ken Barnes of the Mahoning Township Police Department has issued a warning of a possible scam operating in the area.

He said on Saturday , at about 5 p.m., a resident of the 400 block of Center Street, Jamestown notified police that a young female came to the home representing herself as a college student from Hershey.

She told the resident she was earning points by talking with people and selling magazines or books.

The resident asked the female to see a solicitation permit, none was provided and the female left.

Barnes said the resident was suspicious and did and internet search for "Earning Points for College."

According to the search, several Web sites revealed this is a scam. The caller tells you they are earning points for college when they try to sell you magazines.

When you provide them with either a check or credit card information you are likely to become a victim of identity theft.

Barnes said, "I would urge people to call the Carbon County COMM Center at (570) 325-9111 and have an officer dispatched to their home or business, if confronted with the situation described."