Crusaders for a Cause found an organization that needed its help when organizers met up with Parryville Volunteer Fire Department. The tiny community of Parryville has had its share of financial problems and the fire company suffers in its fundraising efforts because of it.

"We try to fund local organizations in need in the community," said Christina O'Brecht of Palmerton.

To assist with needs of Parryville Fire Company, Crusaders for a Cause presented two fire hose nozzles to Danny Keiser, fire company chief on Monday.

Each nozzle sells for $280.

"We've already put one nozzle into service," said Art Strohl, firefighter.

O'Brecht said that presently Crusaders for a Cause are selling fragrant candles that look like little fruit pies to continue its efforts in helping raise funds for local fire departments. She said anyone interested in helping Crusaders for a Cause by buying a candle should contact her at [1].

"We want to support local charities," continue O'Brecht. "We chose to help Parryville because we read about their financial problems in the newspaper."