It might just be the only event of its kind in the country - a Halloween haunted mine tour.

In celebration of Halloween, members of the Panther Creek Valley Foundation will present the first annual 'No. 9 Haunted Mine' tours on Saturday and Sunday October 17 and 18 in Lansford. Five tours will be offered each evening on the hour, beginning at 5 p.m.

This unique underground haunted mine tour is believed to be one of the only haunted mine tours offered in the country. Organizers say the No. 9 Mine can be a spooky, gorey, and creepy place once inside the cold, damp, dark and dismal tunnels that run beneath the town of Lansford.

According to Foundation members, strange and unusual sights and sounds occur each year inside the mine around the time of Halloween. This year, the group has decided to open up the mine for special tours allowing visitors the opportunity to see for themselves what lurks deep in the coal veins beneath the surface of the Panther Creek Valley. Visitors will ride the train into the dark tunnels of the mine. Once inside, they will exit the cars for a walking tour of the haunted mine. Organizers say ghosts of those who worked in the mine generations ago are believed to still lurk deep inside.

A news release issued by the Foundation explains that "visitors will hear tales of tragedies and see the remains of accident victims who were never recovered." Only brave souls with a strong heart and stomach are encouraged to go on the tour. Only children ages 8 and older will be permitted on the tour and must be accompanied by an adult. Call the No. 9 Coal Mine and Museum at (570) 645-7074 for more information or visit the website at [1].