Students at Franklin Elementary School saw first hand how a car is dismantled following a crash to save the peoples' lives inside.

The live demonstration was presented to students at the school on Tuesday as part of Fire Prevention Week by Franklin Township and Parryville volunteer fire companies.

The children were awed by the power of the Jaws of Life tool used by firefighters to cut off the doors and help firefighters to peel back the roof area.

After the demonstration, firefighters visited each classroom to help children learn more about preventing fires in their homes.

"A smoke detector is important," said Fire Chief Kevin Lilly, who visited with Miss Cox's second grade classroom. During the period in the classroom, Eric Crostley, put on the face mask that allows him to breathe, which completed his outfit, to show the children what a firefighter looks like if he enters a home when there is a fire.

Lilly told the children that if someone dressed like Eric comes to help them if their house is on fire, that they should not be afraid of him and hide because he was there to save their life.

"We want your family to get out if the smoke alarm goes off," he said. "Do not go back in the house for your favorite teddy boy or game. Do not go back for your pet." Lilly said that if they want something from their home when the home is burning, they should tell a firefighter and he will try to get it because he can go into the home wearing the special clothing,"

He said that families should have a special meeting place and once everyone is accounted for, they should go to a neighbor's house to call. He also said that if they do call 9-1-1, they should stay on the line until the operator hangs up.

The children all seemed to know that they should not call 9-1-1 unless it was a medical emergency, fire or if someone needed a police officer.

"It's been many years since a child from Franklin Township started a fire in their home," said Lilly. "That is why we do fire prevention programs so that children can learn all about fire safety."

Lilly also questioned them about what to do if their clothes catch fire. They all knew to stop-drop and roll and not to run.

Lilly invited all the children to bring their parents to a fire prevention program at the Franklin Township fire station on Thursday, from 7 to 9 p.m.