A vehicle stop in Nesquehoning led to drug charges pending against the driver.

On Sunday, Nov. 22, about 3:07 a.m. Officer Carl Breiner observed a vehicle along SR54 traveling westbound with the vehicle shaking. Breiner could see the vehicle had a flat tire.

A vehicle stop was made and the driver was identified as Joseph Loprete, of Nesquehoning. Breiner noted the flat tire was just about off the rim and the other front tire was bald with almost no tread showing. Loprete was offered a ride home and was checked for weapons prior to getting in the patrol car.

Breiner found a pill bottle containing a marijuana pipe and three small baggies on Loprete. Loprete at first denied the items were his but then admitted they were his and the items were used for smoking marijuana. Drug charges will be filed against Lorpete, Breiner said.