As part of the school's observance of Veterans Day, students at Lehighton Area Middle School learned more about the role of America's veterans through a program presented by the Lehighton American Legion Auxiliary Post 314.

The video program, "America Veterans", and teacher's guide, explored critical dimensions of the question, "What does Veterans Day mean to you?"

The video explained who veterans are, how and why they are honored, and what students can learn about their lives, plus the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

The program complements and enriches the treatment of Veterans Day found in most American history textbooks.

"Students will be able to appreciate the role of veterans," said Sue Anthony, chairman of the Legion Auxiliary Americanism committee.

The video begins with Lizzie, a girl who has the day off from school and is visiting her grandfather's house. As she searches for him, she finds the Marine dress uniform and wrongly concludes that her grandpa has joined the Army.

Her grandfather explained that he is not joining the Army, but that he served in the Marines and fought in Vietnam. After he asks if she knows what day it is, she answers that it is a free day from school.

Her grandpa reminds her that it is Veterans Day.

Over breakfast, the grandpa explains who veterans are and what they did to protect their families and the country. He says that Veterans Day is a day to thank veterans. While they are having breakfast, a TV program comes on and sketches the history of Veterans Day. Grandpa tells her that they are going to the Veterans Day parade.

The program then tells the story of four other veterans and ends with Lizzy knowing the answer to "What does Veterans Day mean to you."

Anthony said that she believes that the program will help students become better acquainted with the role of veterans.

"Our organization wants students to understand what our veterans have gone through for us and for them," she said. "That is why we presented the program to the school on Veterans Day.

The program was part of the Veterans Day program.