Nick Hawkey and George Unangst, members of the Carbon Mountaineers Marine Corps League 996, honored the 19 veterans who live at the Mahoning Valley Nursing and Rehabilitation Center during a program held on Veterans Day.

Hawkey and Unangst read a brief biography of each of the veterans service history.

Veterans attending the program were: Samuel Citrano, Air Force; James Koch, Navy; Angelo Scarselletti, Navy, World War II; Margaret Glancey, U.S. Coast Guard; Robert Caffrey, Marines; Joseph Corazo, World War II; George Latzko, Navy, World War II; Bruno Schlecht, Army World War II; Melvin Storm, Army World War II; Halbert Getz, Navy; Elizabeth Tumas, Air Force; Erwin Bischoff, Army, World War II; Luther Minnich, Army, World War II; and David Hegarty, Navy, World War II. Other veterans at the center include Leighton Steigerwalt, Army, World War II; Gerald Schaffer, Army, Korean War; Joseph Delay, Army, World War II; and Alvin Hallman, Navy, World War II.

The program featured a brief description of hats in Hawkey's military hat collection.

Hawkey thanked the veterans for their service.

"Without your sacrifice and service, we wouldn't have what we have today."

As part of the program, Nancy Snyder, activities assistant, sang the national anthem.