That is what the group of volunteers will be in their search for Sharon Weaver, 55, of Weissport, who has been missing for nine days.

For the past five days, the group has been beating the bushes in their search for Weaver.

At 11 a.m., the group meets in the Weissport Park. They search for four hours and at 7 p.m., they meet again and go over everything they experienced. The group has searched the canal area, the banks of the Lehigh River and the trestle area but have yet to turn up a clue.

Weaver left the Boathouse Bar on Canal Road between 6:30 and 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 4. That was the last she was seen.

Her boyfriend, Richard (Sonny) Kern, who was with Weaver at the bar, left about 20 minutes after her but when he got home, she was not there. Kern said that he and Weaver have been a couple since September.

The parking lot of the Boathouse Bar is well lit. The distance between the bar and Weaver's apartment is a mere 10-minute walk.

Weaver is 5-feet 1-inch tall, weighs approximately 210 pounds and has short blond hair. She was last seen wearing blue jeans and a gray zippered hooded sweat shirt.

Since Weaver needs medication for epilepsy and high blood pressure, police are calling her an endangered person.

Wendy Danforth, a member of the volunteer search group, said that the group is not giving up until Weaver is back home.

Danford said that more volunteers are needed to continue the search for Weaver. Anyone interested in searching can meet with the group at the Weissport Park at 11 a.m. any morning.

The search group met Friday afternoon with a member of a local paranormal group, who told the group that they will find Sharon if they are quiet and listen. The woman, who did not want to be identified, is working with Weissport police officer Steve Mansueto.

"When you ask too many questions and talk too much, you learn little," said the woman who has helped police with other missing person investigations. "You need to hear with all your senses. When you are quiet you will be able to hear her."

The woman visited the Boathouse Bar, walked the towpath, and met with Richard Kern who allowed the woman to tour the couple's apartment. He also gave her one of Weaver's keepsakes to help her "open her senses to Weaver."

Police said there have been reports of sightings, but none of the women turned out to be Weaver.