Local award winning photographer, Carl B. Silverstein, Palmerton, announces the opening of his new show, "Visions," in the rotunda of the Pennsylvania State Capitol. The show will run until Nov. 26. A reception for the artist will be held on Friday, Nov. 13, at noon.

Various subjects are featured, including work from the Highlands of Scotland to a black and white study of the state capitol.

As a teenager, Silverstein says he discovered that art followed him everywhere. His appreciation for beauty in all aspects of life sparked his 35-year passion for photography.

With no formal training, Silverstein depends on his innate artistic ability and keen eye for finding picturesque scenes. He has earned awards at shows the Clymer Library, Coolbaugh Township, Buck Hill Falls and Northampton Community College.

Silverstein was given special permission to visit Ground Zero, and was later featured on the front page of an area newspaper.