Girls of Daisy Troop 465 of Brodheadsville presented a check for $100 to Honi Grasing, the captain of the Monroe County Breast Cancer Coalition to be use toward cancer research.

"The whole mission of the Monroe County Breast Cancer Coalition is to find a cure so our daughters don't get it. I think it's wonderful that these young Daisy Scouts are becoming aware of breast cancer and that awareness is getting out there so hopefully we will find a cure. So on behalf of the Coalition, we thank you," Grasing told the girls.

The Daisy Troop learned about breast cancer at their last meeting held at Zion Lutheran Church in Brodheadsville. They made pink glitter light bulbs.

"We asked them to give it to a member in their family to remind them of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to go to the doctor for checkups," said Leader Gayle Nugent.

As a fund-raiser, the girls asked family and friends to participate through scratch-offs with the donations ranging .$from $. $.50-$3.50 and raised $100.

"We told the girls the money would be used to help families of someone who has breast cancer and for research," said Nugent.

The troop has extended their time for donations.

If you would like to donate through the troop call (570) 629-0549 or if interested in joining.