What better way to endure the chilly holiday season than to curl up with our low-fat quiz about eggnog?

1. Of the 343 calories in a cup (254 grams) of eggnog, how many come from fat?

a) 67 calories

b) 167 calories

c) 343 calories

2. How much of the daily value of saturated fat does a cup of eggnog contain?

a) 23 percent

b) 45 percent

c) 56 percent

3. On the positive side, how much of the daily value of calcium do you receive in a cup of eggnog?

a) 78 percent

b) 61 percent

c) 33 percent

4. According to thedailyplate.com, how many minutes would you have to run to "burn off" one cup of eggnog?

a) 21 minutes

b) 51 minutes

c) 111 minutes

5. How many calories are in a 12-ounce cup of Starbucks eggnog latte, with nonfat milk and no whipped cream?

a) 264 calories, 76 from fat

b) 341 calories, 96 from fat

c) 178 calories, 42 from fat

ANSWERS: 1: b; 2: c; 3: c; 4: a; 5: a

Sources: www.nutritiondata.com; [1] www.foodreference.com; [2] www.thedailyplate.com [3].