The fire truck siren could be heard from a great distance as it approached the firehouse where Santa Claus was expected.

Santa was greeted with cheers as he dismounted from the truck and entered the social hall where the children and grandchildren of fire company families were waiting. The annual party sponsored by the auxiliary was held Dec. 19.

Santa went around the hall greeting children then took his seat so children could come talk to him and have pictures taken.

Elizabeth Sterner checked her gift bag and said, "Oh, I got an orange and a game." Santa had gift bags for each of the children containing coloring books, crayons, candy, bubbles and chips.

There were two games for the kids. The older kids were blindfolded and then used a spoon to lift cotton balls from a pan. Younger children were not blindfolded and the youngest used their hands to gather the cotton balls.

Linda Kunkle, who was helping with the cotton ball game, said she and Gladys Whiteman, also helping, were trustees for the auxiliary.

Another game required pinning a nose on Rudolph. Winners in both games could choose the prizes they wanted.

Though the party was a Ladies Auxiliary project, the firemen were making cotton candy cones and boxes of popcorn.

Hot dogs with all the trimmings were provided along with beverages.