The Kidder Township Environmental Advisory Council met Wednesday night to discuss, among other things, the successful implementing of a recently passed Storm Water Ordinance.

The ordinance had its first applicant that exceeded the square footage requirements. The KTEAC spent about a year putting the ordinance together to ensure the protection of ground water and Lake Harmony.

The ordinance enforces the need for proper drainage based upon the design of the building. Kidder Township is in the forefront with the Storm Water Ordinance. Most townships do not have such requirements.

Kidder Township had major problems with storm water runoff. The larger homes being built on smaller lots caused the water to run onto neighbors' properties or into Lake Harmony itself. The KTEAC saw the need to protect the lake and ground water from contaminated runoff. The Environmental Advisory Council has been active in other protective ordinances in Kidder Township.

The Timbering Ordinance and the Tree Protection Ordinance are both the work of the KTEAC.