Panther Valley High School Principal George Gillespie has submitted his resignation to the board of directors and they accepted it at last night's board meeting.

Gillespie's resignation will become effective as of Jan. 15, 2010.

Before voting on the matter, director R. Mickey Angst requested to see a copy of the resignation letter, and, although the meeting was halted for several minutes while members of the administration looked for the letter, it was not found before the vote took place.

Angst demanded to know the reason for the resignation and was told by other board members that it was for personal reasons.

During her comments to the board, Superintendent Rosemary Porembo thanked Gillespie for his three and a half years of service to the district.

"It was a pleasure to sit down and talk education with you. I told you many times that I felt that we had a vision here for Panther Valley," she said.

She also expressed regret that Gillespie has chosen to leave the district, but wished him well in future endeavors.

Following the meeting, Gillespie expressed gratitude to the administrative team and the teachers at Panther Valley.

"These are outstanding teachers to work with. I have come to count on them. I truly understand what it means to work for the common good," he said.

Gillespie also commended the students at Panther Valley.

"I have gotten to work with so many great students. I have been proud to watch them come into their own."

Gillespie did not comment on what the future holds for him.

During the meeting, director David Hiles made a motion that former superintendent Dr. Robert Mauro be brought in on an interim basis until a permanent replacement can be found on a per diem stipend of $300. As it was not on the agenda, the motion required the unanimous support of everyone on the board to move forward. Angst voted against the motion and it died.