The chase for a national championship is in progress as the "Panther Valley Geezers" fight for the championship in what might seem like an unlikely place, the senior living communities and senior centers across the country.

More than 180 teams of seniors from 24 states are seeking to claim National Senior League's national championship playing Wii Bowl.

The PV Geezers are one out of more teams from the PV Senior Center to compete. At this stage only the Geezers have come out on top. National Senior League, the tournament organizer, will crown a national champion following its title matchup during the week of December 14. The scores are reported to the NSL web site.

"Next year we will further enhance the experience by having communtities play each other at a designated time using web cameras," said Dennis Berkholz, founder of Atlanta based NSL.This is the first year for the contest to be held. "Nearly every community or senior center we talk to now offers Wii Bowl for its residents. Our leagues start off as fun and friendly competition but once you advance to the national playoffs, it becomes a matter of local hometown pride," said Berkholz.