Sunday, May 24, 2015
LISA PRICE/TIMES NEWS Center, from left, Tamaqua fourth-graders Zachary Markiewicz, Nathan Fannick and Sean Fischer start by choosing five Story Stones from a wooden crate. Seated at the desks are, left, Alex Collura and Brandon Long.

Tamaqua Elementary School fourth-grader Allie Clausius tapped her pencil thoughtfully, then repositioned the five stones on her desk.

"OK, we have to start to plan this out," she said to Tamaqua eighth-grader Kayla Zamudio.

"I'll start with the flamingo, as the main character, and the story will happen outdoors, at night."

Clausius moved the stone with a pink flamingo painted on it, placing it next to a stone painted dark blue, except for a quarter moon. Then she considered a stone depicting a lion.