Sunday, July 5, 2015
LISA PRICE/TIMES NEWS Brian and Angela Faust with two of their dogs, Cooper, right, a black Labrador retriever mix, and Toby, a German shorthaired pointer, along with awards the dogs won in June.

Brian Faust throws an arm around Cooper, a black Labrador retriever mixed breed, who is having a bit of trouble controlling his excitement. Like an Olympic-caliber long jumper, Cooper must perform on the edge of outstanding athletic ability and timing, while his heart pounds like a jackhammer and adrenaline makes his legs shake.

Brian walks him back to the start line and both wait. Then at Brian's signal, and words "get it, get it, get it" Cooper sprints to the edge of the dock and launches up and out to grab a "bumper" suspended nearly 7 feet high over the water.