Thursday, May 5, 2016

A Kunkletown area man was killed Wednesday morning when the Carbon County Transit Authority bus he was a passenger in was struck by a van.

Franklin Township police said Herbert Farenkoff, 60, was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash which occurred along Route 209, about 50 yards south of LaRose’s Skating Rink, just before 9 a.m.

Police said the van was driven by William Pomrink Jr., 33, northbound when the van apparently crossed the center line and struck the bus, which was operated by James Connell, 73, of Jim Thorpe.

I have a problem overthinking everything that leaves me with the words. “I just don’t get it,” stuck in my head.

Let’s start with former heavyweight boxing champion, Mike Tyson. Years ago he was convicted of raping a beauty pageant contestant. Then he viciously assaulted his Robin Givens, his wife at the time

Later, he was a guest on “The View,” a popular daytime women’s talk show where he blamed his violent behavior against women on his upbringing and influences from evil people.

This week’s news of the macabre discovery of human remains beneath floor boards in a Tamaqua attic is hard to ignore.

It shocks our sensibilities. It begs for more information.

What we know is that members of a Tamaqua family pried up a few boards and uncovered a box. Inside was a bundle consisting of old newspapers and a sweater.

Unwrapped, it revealed bones of a baby, nearly a full skeleton, estimated between 38 and 40 weeks.

The discovery suggests that a baby, perhaps stillborn or a newborn later deceased, had been carefully wrapped and hidden away.

rt has no boundaries, a concept even easier to understand thanks to the Internet.

In 2006, four friends living in the Los Angeles area decided the far reaches of the Internet made it unnecessary to deal with media moguls to share their art, poetry, music and films with the public. They left Los Angeles on a 4,000-mile trek by foot, to promote peace, love and self-expression through their various art interests. One of those four, Kevin Smith II, is now living in Tamaqua.

Prothonotary’s report

A total of cases 346 were started in April in the office of Carbon County Prothonotary Joann M. Behrens, according to a monthly statistical report released by the officeholder. A breakdown of cases is as follows: