Friday, February 5, 2016

The Northeast Region Office of the Pennsylvania Game Commission is seeking anyone who may have information on an immature bald eagle that was found dead in Towamensing Township, Carbon County.

Wildlife Conservation Officer Cory Bentzoni reports that the eagle was shot and killed with a firearm, likely before Jan. 23. The eagle was discovered on Sunday, Jan. 31, in a wooded area near the intersection of Trachsville Hill Road and Pohopoco Drive.

See if you can tell what’s wrong with this conversation.

“How are you?” asked John.

“I just had back surgery,” said Joe.

“Oh, well I had my hip replaced last year,” said John. “It was awful.”

“Yes,” said Joe. “My doctor told me I need to stretch and exercise each day.”

“I had to go to rehab for weeks,” said John. “I still have trouble walking up stairs.”

We favor the move by the Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee to give the Subcommittee on the Courts the authority to conduct its investigation and to recommend impeachment proceedings against Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

The full House needs to approve the resolution before the committee — made up of four Republicans and two Democrats — can get started. The committee would have subpoena powers, so it would not be just a paper tiger.

The impeachment process can also be used as a backup in case the removal process underway in the State Senate loses steam.

Steam enthusiasts, rejoice.

A Reading Company Class T-1 4-8-4 Northern locomotive that has not been seen on the rails in nearly a quarter century will soon rise like a phoenix out of the ashes to again take its rightful place in the railroading industry.

Reading Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad in Port Clinton announced this past week that it has begun working on restoring the Reading 2102, one of four remaining T-1 4-8-4 engines in the world.

Andy Muller Jr., owner and CEO of RBMN, anticipates that the T-1 will be operational by mid-2017.

Marriage licenses

George Bolinsky and Betty Jean Lamb, of Weatherly.

Herman William Baier III and Daniel Brandow Zotynia, of Jim Thorpe.

Danny James Joubert and Kenneth Robert Adcox, of Lehighton.

Andrew Alan Lovett, of Weatherly, and Kellyjo Lynn Salvaterra, of Freeland.

Nathan Sterling McFarland and Tiffany April Weaver, of Jim Thorpe.

Samuel Daniel Bonner and Nicole Marie Hill, of Jim Thorpe.

Auto crash suits

The following two actions seeking damages were filed as the result of automobile accidents.