Monday, October 24, 2016
Dick Yuengling, Pottsville brewery owner, welcomes Eric Trump.

Eric Trump says his father is heading a movement that’s trying to do right by the working man and that’s why Pennsylvanians should support him in the upcoming election.
The 34-year-old son of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump surprised local workers by spending about 45 minutes late Monday mingling with about 35 employees inside a Schuylkill County beermaker’s production facility, part of statewide stumping for his father.

It’s hard to know when it’s time to cut your losses and give up on something.

That’s what I’m thinking now as I struggle with a decision on whether to have my refrigerator repaired again. Or, should I give up the ghost and just shell out money for a new one?

I should tell you right here and now that my refrigerator is smart. I might not have had smart TV back then but I’ve had a smart refrigerator for seven years.

Local residents who commute to their jobs in New Jersey are facing a double whammy assault on their wallets and pocketbooks starting as soon at Nov. 1.

First, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie announced that he is killing off a decades-old agreement allowing Pennsylvania and New Jersey residents who work across state lines to pay income taxes where they live instead of where they work.

There’s a bumper sticker proclaiming: You’re never too old to have a happy childhood.

Robert Feliciano can vouch for that statement.

The 57-year-old Walker Township man maintains a youthful fascination with his collection of vintage bicycles and is particularly enthralled by the design trends and innovations of examples from the 1940s to ’70s.

“I like the desirable bikes,” he says.

Those bikes, which also coincided with the days of his youth, reflected the dreams and desires of an ambitious baby boom generation.

Deeds recorded

East Penn Township

Lori A. Lucykanish to Brandon E. Snyder, 1271 E. Lizard Creek Road, Lehighton, property at 1271 E. Lizard Creek Road, $170,638.30.

Franklin Township

William H. Curtis to Jennifer A. Kriz, 209 Bass Pike, Lehighton, property at 209 Bass Pike $176,000.

Gateway Funding Diversified Mortgage Services L.P., to Kelly C. Ravenaugh, 65 Vilno Drive, Lehighton, property at 65 Vilno Drive, $187,232.

Larry M. Fields to Jeremiah I. Schafer, 1415 Forest St., Lehighton, property at 1415 Forest St., $180,000.

Jim Thorpe