Wednesday, September 28, 2016
Firefighters respond to a call at the Majestic House Apartments on Wednesday.

Two fire calls within 20 minutes at two large residential complexes kept Tamaqua firefighters, police and paramedics busy Wednesday afternoon. Crews responded to a report of a commercial structure fire at Laurel Run Commons, 406 Pitt St., at 3 p.m. but found nothing at the scene. A few of the residents thought they had smelled smoke. Occupants left the building and gathered on the front porch and beneath a front yard gazebo until given clearance to reenter their apartments. At 3:20 p.m., the same crews responded to a similar call at the Majestic House Apartments, 201 E.

It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while we meet someone and there is instant chemistry and a new friendship blooms.

That was the case for me when I met my new friend Andy. I knew Andy and his wife, Pauline, had an interesting story to share, so I set up an interview, even though I had never met them before.

Andy went for 60 years before he met someone he wanted to marry. It was a good deed on his part that brought Pauline into his life. Andy has a pontoon boat he uses to travel the 26 canals in his community.

You might be inclined to think that we are clowning around by writing this, but we are not. A wave of spooky clown sightings has touched off what some police are describing as mass hysteria, paranoia and dozens of copycat incidents from pranksters hellbent on trying to get a rise from freaked out children and their parents.

The Collings Foundation believes nothing tells the story of World War II quite like a chance to get close and personal with weapons of the air.

The nonprofit, educational group from Stow, Massachusetts, was started in 1979 to support living history. Their idea is to allow the opportunity for not just exhibits, but interaction to enable the public to learn more about heritage through direct participation.

In the beginning, the foundation promoted antique car rallies, hill climbs, carriage and sleigh rides, and a winter ice-cutting festival.

Deeds recorded

Banks Township

Robert Brislin to Robert Brislin, 14 N. Chestnut St., P.O. Box 425, Tresckow, property at 17 W. Market St., $1.

Beaver Meadows

Michael A. Skreptach to Mark D. Gorski, Hazleton, property at 53 Broad St., $40,000.


John R. Arner to Jereme I. Neff, 719 Lime St., Palmerton, property at 719 Lime St., $176,900.

East Penn Township

Grace E. Fogel to Jeffrey E. Fogel, 401 Germans Road, Lehighton, two transactions, parcel No. 87-8-A10 (100 acres) and parcel No, 87-8-A11.01 (25 acres), $1 each.