LAS VEGAS — The Thomas & Mack Center on the UNLV campus doesn’t usually buzz during an NBA Summer League game the way it did Wednesday night when the 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers met.

Many invade Sin City from the west to see what the future might hold for their beloved Lakers. And the future is totally wrapped up in a 6-6, 19-year-old guard who has elite court vision, an unmatchable basketball IQ, and a low-key demeanor that is the polar opposite of his attention-seeking dad.

Lonzo Ball made plays Wednesday during the Lakers’ 103-102 win over the Sixers that made you think of an organization-changing player who very well could be what the future of the NBA is going to be about from the point-guard position. He threw length-of-the-court passes that few would try, let alone complete. He figured ways to get to the basket through speed, craftiness and will that led to either his scoring or getting the ball to someone who did, both from the perimeter and at the basket. He made the game fun for teammates, for fans, for everyone watching.

If you are a Sixers fan, he made you think of what might become of their season in a few months because he might be a smaller version of Ben Simmons.

Ball hit a few outside jump shots, though that might not be his specialty in the league because of his funky shooting form that needs room and extra seconds to execute.

His passing ability was contagious. It made his teammates better, and it allowed the game to be played in a style that is the new way of the NBA.

And if you were a Sixers fan, all you could do was think of Simmons.

It didn’t hurt that just before the game began, LeBron James made his way to a baseline seat. As he did, Simmons, who shares James’s agent, Rich Paul, came over to say hello. The two have worked out together numerous times, and when they shook hands and hugged Wednesday, James asked, “What’s up, skinny?” Simmons wasn’t overwhelmed, in awe or intimidated by James — it was just a meeting with a friend, a workout partner. His demeanor rivaled that of Ball on the floor — low-key, comfortable in what he was doing, focused on the future.

Lakers summer league coach Jud Buechler said Ball’s play made it more fun for his teammates, made contagious by the ball movement the team exhibited all night.

It is most likely what Simmons’ contribution will be for the Sixers this season.

“I told our guys after the game that it was a lot of fun,” Sixers summer league coach Lloyd Pierce said. “How often do you get the opportunity to play in front of a lot of scouts, a lot of GMs and a lot of coaches in the summertime, as professionals, where you’re giving yourself the opportunity to be seen? They have nothing to hang their hats on. It’s about being a pro. They don’t get that opportunity a lot during the summer, and that was a lot of fun.

“Any player who is a willing passer, there is a mold that they fit. Guys love playing with them, which is most important. You saw with the Lakers, after makes or misses, everybody just takes off because they thought they would get an outlet ahead … All those guys are looking to kick ahead, and it’s contagious. Ben’s the same way. Ben’s a guy who’s a willing passer; with his size, he can get the ball anywhere on the floor at any time, and our guys are going to enjoy playing with him, as well.”

Simmons didn’t take the court, but Ball gave a performance that Sixers fans envision him emulating during the season. When LeBron sought out Simmons to pose for a photo, it gave more evidence to the belief of what this young man might become.

Ben Simmons didn’t get out of his sideline chair Wednesday all that often. But he didn’t have to. All the evidence of what he might become were showcased by Ball and James.