A teachers’ strike in Palmerton Area School District entered its third day Wednesday and, as of Tuesday night, no negotiations had been scheduled.

On Monday, Palmerton Area Education Association President Tom Smelas said the union was available to meet with the district anytime, a stance that was reiterated in an association statement Tuesday night.

“We remain committed to negotiating on any day, at any time,” Smelas said.

Questioned on Monday how negotiations would move forward, district negotiator John Audi said the union had made it clear it would not budge off its current proposal.

“We could meet, but if there is no bargaining going to take place, it’s not very beneficial,” Audi said.

Many signs on the picket line had messages such as “striking for less.”

“The dollar amount of either salary proposal has never been an issue,” according to the association’s post. “The PAEA salary proposal, for the entire four years, costs $5,000 less than the district’s salary proposal.”

The district has proposed a flat 3.25 percent pay raise in each of the contract’s four years.

“Teachers who already have the highest salaries unanimously said no to 3.25 percent raises and are requesting less because they are not willing to sacrifice their less senior colleagues for personal gain,” the association said.

The union, on several occasions, has said with the district’s salary proposal, which includes a $50,000 starting rate for new teachers, a seven-year Palmerton teacher would make the same salary as a new teacher.

Audi said Monday the district does have a goal of more evenly distributing money.

“In the last contract, you ended up having raises ranging from 1 percent over the entire four years to 30 percent,” Audi said.

Nearly all 500 Pennsylvania school districts distribute salaries via a salary schedule, according to the association.

“Palmerton teachers deserve the same,” it added.