One month after an acid-tossing spree in Tamaqua, vandals have struck again, damaging parked cars in the North Ward section of the community.

But this time the spree took place on a different street from the August incident.

Police are investigating an act of vandalism that took place either late Friday night or early Saturday morning in which seven or more vehicles on the 200 block of West Rowe Street were splattered with a caustic chemical.

Some of the affected cars were parked near Nescopec Street at the east and of Rowe, and Swatara at the west end.

Once again, the unknown chemical ate into the clear-coat layer and paint beneath on targeted vehicles and also damaged glass, rubber seals and lights.

The crime duplicates a similar incident that took place one month ago.

In the wee hours of Saturday, August 2, a person or persons tossed acid onto 25 parked cars parked along Gay Street.

The painted finish, plastic lens covers, turn signal lights, bumpers and even car roofs sustained damage in the thousands of dollars.

Gay Street and West Rowe Street are narrow, one-way lanes in residential neighborhoods.

Tamaqua Crime Watch is offering a one-time $250 cash reward for any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of one or more of the vandals from either incident.

Tamaqua Crime Watch also will provide a one-time $75 cash reward for anyone who submits a useful photo or video which shows a crime taking place or that leads to the arrest and conviction of a criminal in the borough.

Tamaqua police are investigating.

Anyone with information is asked to call 570-668-5000.