Where are all the Catholic schools?

Oh that's right, they're closing.

After 128 years of providing a Catholic education, SS. Peter and Paul School in Lehighton is closing.

Parents and students learned of this in a letter sent home in the students' backpacks.

What a cowardly way to inform one of such an important decision. Questions have been asked with no answers provided by either the diocese or pastor.

No one seems to care about the students. If it's costing them (the diocese) money, close it down.

Seems to me it's easier to evict students from their school than tenants from apartment buildings; just send home a note.

Send in another pastor and give us the opportunity to save "Our Family."

I feel this request, as in the past, will fall on deaf ears.

I just felt that my feelings should be known.

BEWARE: The Church is next.

Dee Ryan